Diesel/Gasoil: 1,10 Euro/Liter
Border/Customs fees: 105,- Euro for the port agent
Important: Third-Party Insurance is necessary for car. Short-time insurance can be obtained in Tel Aviv only. Approx 1 h with bus from Ashdod. Have enough time and patience for security checks.
Roads: in good condition
Diesel/Gasoil: 0,15 Euro/Liter
Border/Customs fees: 185 ,- Euro (depends on engine volume, we had below 2000 cm³) inkl. Insurance
Roads: On Sinai very good asphalt roads and no police check points. Suez-tunnel costs 1,50 Euro. Along the nil to Aswan good to medium asphalt roads. A lot of bumbs at the streets. Many check points and petrol stations.
Miscelaniuos: Sleeping outside from hotels or camp-sites is forbidden. Ask at 24 h resthouses. This might help. Crossing to Sudan (Wadi Halfa) by ferry: contact Achmed Ragheb. Good price and excellent service. E-Mail: Raghebamigo@hotmail.com


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