With Multicar through Africa

An idea like this can only come up after a few brewskis - at least it's quite plain when you know Multicar. Well, it happened one night on Castle Ludwigstein when we were in jolly mood that we showed off in the presence of our alternative civilian service colleagues. In a few minutes a concrete bet was expressed, but the next day we all became aware of the extent:


If Malte and Niklas drive with a Multicar from Göttingen, Germany to Cape Town, Africa, Thomas B., Fritz Alexander Bey, Skippy and Madin Hoffmann will be standing at the destination with 500 L beer, because they weren't allowed to participate.
Our advantage: We didn't have nothing to loose; except approximately 13.000 km on shabby tracks with a vehicle which doesn't drive faster than 52 km/h, which offers 3.3 m2 of living space and reaches a sound level of the last Peter-Maffay-concert and inside temperatures of 36 degrees - this doesn't fit at all the new energy-saving regulation. But don't forget: we will see the impressive continent of Africa again!
Our disadvantage: Our challenger only need to board a plane with the specific quantity of beer.
We thank our technical crew, who takes part selflessly in the improvement of motor and carriage of our M25, thanks also to our informatic-freaks, the klamOTTENmacherin and the people who wear them, the mental assistance of our girlfriends and friends! And anyone who once had the opportunity to sit in a Multicar M25 will understand how something like this can happen.
Hanover, summer of 2007

Malte & Niklas

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