20-05-2008 Stellenbosch, South Africa

We reached Cape Town and we met some of the crew. We are missing Goe-TZ and the arrivel wasn't so special as we thought. The next two weeks we spend in the region and than we fly home.
Pictures follow soon.

06-06-2008, Johannesburg, South Africa

We left the bicycles in Botswana and 2 days ago we arrived in Johannesburg. Today we will be heading to Namibia.

02-05-2008, Gaborone, Botswana

Already on the last kms to Geborone, the chain of Niklas' bike broke down. As the needed spareparts of Maltes bike almost had the value of a new bike we finished our tour with the indian style bikes here in the capital of Botswana. Details following soon.

25-04-2008, Francistown, Botswana

Successfully we did the first part of the Tour de Botswana, although heavy wind was disturbing.

Flat tires: 5:1 for Malte

19-04-2008 Livingstone, Zambia

Welcome party in Germany takes place from the 6th to the 8th of June on the Burg Ludwigstein. Please ask for details!

Despite some problems we arrived in Livingstone!

14-04-2008 Lusaka, Zambia

Today we bought the weels for the next thousand kilometers: now we proudly own 2 bicycles made in India. Soon we will be on the road again.

10-04-2008 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Now we know how it goes on: Gö-TZ will not arive in Dar Es Salaam in the next weeks. So there would be no time to drive 6000 km to Capetown. We're really sad about that. But there is a glimmer of hope: the Shipping Company admitet their guilty and they will send the container to Germany. We will see Gö-TZ again! Tomorrow we will go by train to Lusaka, Sambia, from where we will heading to Capetown by bike.

07-04-2008 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Some people here are really nervrecking! We still don't know if Gö-TZ will arrive here or not.

17-03-2008 Moshi, Tanzania

Still we're hanging around in Moshi. Apart of that, we made an amazing 2 day trip to the Lake Natron in the north of Tanzania. Now we're preparing for our travel in the south.

10-03-2008 Moshi, Tanzania

We are still enyoing the fresh fruits and our balkony still is the perfect place for hanging aroung. But we also moved our legs and klimbed the mountains to reach a beatyfull waterfall.

06-03-2008 Moshi, Tanzania

Two days ago we arrived in Tanzania and now we are trying to getting used to the humid warm climate here.

03-03-08 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

After a couple of relaxing days with out spanish friends in Wukro and a 1,5 day Bus trip we arrived Addis Abeba the capital. I a few days we will fly from here to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro Airport).

23-02-08 Aksum, Ethiopia

The last days we explored the beginnig of the nile river and a lot of the christian culture here. And we learned that the real Maria was black but it's ok that the european one is white.

15-02-08 Gonder, Ethiopia

We have left Gö-TZ and the Sudan behind! Yesterday we crossed the border to Ethiopia and now we can have some real beer!

02-02-08 Karthoum, Sudan

We're back from the Nuba Mountains in the Capital of the Sudan. The big amount of guestbook entries makes us happy and it was amazing to read how many people feel sorrow with Gö-TZ. But now the good news: The track goes on with all team members!! The manufacturer of our car Multicar/Hako support us with the shipping to Dar Es Saalam and our flights to the same destination. During the next days we provide you with more information.

24-01-08 Rashad, Sudan

We have to continue the track without our fellow Gö-TZ! Due to the riots in Kenia, we've decided not to cross Kenia with a car or by bus. So we have to send our Multicar back to Germany. Along the safety aspects, there are another point that from our view, makes it impossible to cross Kenia as a tourist: the supply of the kenian population with fuel and food is critical and it seems that it will be worth in the next weeks. We have thought about alternatives way to avoid Kenya. But the south of Sudan, the only land option, isn't possible because of bad roads and a non existent border post. Another idea was, to ship the car from Sudan or Djibouti to Tanzania, but this are too much costs for our low budget. The only possibility that remains, is to send our good old fellow back to Germany. We will fly from Addis Abbeba to Dar Es Saalam and continue the journey by public transport. We keep our aim to reach Cape Town approx. in the middle of May! And we will be lucky to see a lot of friends there to celebrate a warm welcome! See you at the Cape! Niklas und Malte

17-01-08 Karthoum, Sudan

To pass the time, while we are watching how things in Kenya develope we will work in a project for healthcare and food security. The last week we spent in organizing papers and permits from different authorities. Tomorrow we leave to the Nuba Mountains.

9-01-08 Karthoum, Sudan

The english version of our website is online! From now on, we try to provide you with actual information about our trip also in english. Some sections remain in german, as we don't want to spend to much time translating. We've driven approx. 3000 km so far after starting the trip to Capetown on the 1. of december. Now we're staying in Karthoum to fix our car. For any questions, don't feel ashame to contact us.

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